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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Under State of California Civil and Real Estate Code Sections, the occupant’s death must be disclosed for a period of three (3) years or less to a purchase, lessor or renter of real property. Additional, if the question is asked, even after the three (3) year statue has pasted the Property Owner, Agent, Manager or Management Company must disclose that a Death occurred on the Property.

biohazard symbol
  1. Human Blood
  2. Human Fluid
  3. Sharp Containers
  4. Hypodermic Waste
  5. Chemotherapy Drugs
  6. Infectious Disease
what is my liability

EXAMPLE: A family moves into a residence where the prior occupant had passed away. Two (2) months later after speaking to their neighbor, the new resident now claim that they have been getting sick and blame the property owner and manager for not having the residence cleaned properly. A report can be made to the Department of Public Health, an investigation will follow and fines may be issued.

EXAMPLE: A child is playing near a trash container where someone has illegally placed an item contaminated with blood or body fluids (mattress, couch, chair, carpet and padding, etc) and the child’s parents claim that the Property Owner or Property Management knew about the items and did not have them disposed of correctly. A report can be made to the Department of Public Health, an investigation will follow and fines maybe issued.

State Law under the California Department of Health Services and public Safety pursuant of section 118321 of the Medical Waste Act levies fines starting at ($1,000.00 to $10,000.00) and is a misdemeanor offense per incident.

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